Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reunion Thoughts

Observed: No question the women of 1987 have held up better than the men. Attendance: about a third of the class showed up for the reunion, but as a percentage of our graduation weight we were closer to 60% … Angela P’s horse trailer is nicer than my house … Very glad to see Brad A and Nathan F with more grey hair than me … Did anyone notice the out-of-town wives were just a little freaked out by Hereford? Glad to see for the first time in 20 years: Burford, Gentry, Gilliam. Sandra M traveled furthest, from Jacksonville, FL. Who knew?: Daniel J has a steakhouse in Clovis … Cindy L is a massage therapist and a barrista (paid in coffee) … Nancy M carried a 9mm in Bosnia, and Westley B reports she had nine confirmed kills, sadly our allies. She’ll be the first class member to live in Las Vegas (Artho doesn’t count) … Rick Chavez is a cop! … Sack full of Allsup’s burritos: $54. Midnight snack at the Holiday Inn: priceless … Not a surprise: Steven Lafuente’s band was awesome. Children are our future: sure were a lot of cute kids (and at least one grandkid) in our class. How did Carol B and Randy B end up with such tall boys? Did everyone see the gaggle of Brockman juniors at the park? Lots of four-kid families! The Dark Side: Found a Guinness yet, Westley? … Don’t get between Walter B and his Avril … I’m still ticked off that Kyle S and Brian T wouldn’t give me their free drink coupons … Does anyone have Julie Mendiola Garza’s number? I’m ready to place an order.

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